For individuals who are not capable of designing their own web site, they will be glad to know that there are many web site templates available, many of which are free of charge. You may also purchase web templates but unless you find a really great one, there’s really no need to because there are many very good, free template web sites. When looking for web site templates, if your web design skills are minimal, choose an HTML and perhaps even a CSS style template. These are a lot easier to make changes to. Next, you will need to download some website editing software online. You can find this free as well. You will only need to change or add text and some links. The web design software will walk you through the changes that you need to make. Just use the help function.

You also may find website template and then pay someone to add the text for you. You will need to write the articles and have all the text prepared. Then simply pay someone to make the changes for you. This will be a lot cheaper than having them build it from scratch.

You want to make sure that any web site template that you purchase or design is very clean looking. You don’t want it cluttered with tons of advertisements, texts and links. People will simply leave. They have a lot of other options. While it’s great to advertise, make sure that you do so strategically and in a way that doesn’t come across like you are simply trying to sell products. People want value. They don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and sales pitches.

Also insure that your site is easy to navigate and that your page links are clearly marked and hyperlinked. It is important that your website design is interesting visually. Use splashes of color, add videos, pictures and a nice header. You want it to look attractive and appealing, but again, not crowded.

Do not use automated content. I know some people create websites that consist solely of auto-generated content in hopes that someone will click on their Adsense links or purchase an affiliate product. This may have worked 3 years ago but not any longer. Consumers are much more savvy now. They are not going to spend time at a page with information that doesn’t make sense. They will simply press the back button. Therefore, take some time to either write articles yourself, pay someone to write them for you or use articles from article directories. However, do note that there is a chance that you could be penalized for duplicate content. You also run the risk people leaving your web site and going to the web site listed in the resource box of article that you use. This is because you are required to keep the resource box intact. Keep this in mind when you are considering what type of content to use.